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Hide “this copy of windows is not genuine” notification in windows 7

Disable "This copy of windows is not genuine" annoying messages in windows seven without using any software.

                Do you want to disable "this copy of windows is not genuine message" in windows seven? Try this method. It requires no additional software and hardly takes 4~8 minutes. People who are using windows seven whose license period has expired knows very well how disgusting that pop-up of windows is. I mean com'on do we really need to remind every five minutes about the windows that we are using is not genuine?? Additionally, we get banished from setting the desktop wallpaper. "Desktop Wallpaper" guys!! It is kind of stealing the beauty of laptop. And its a big deal!!

               You might be searching for the software that can hide “Windows Seven not genuine” notification. Well, did you get success? If your answer is no, here are some easy steps that will allow you to do so without using any software. A lot of promising software are available now a days to fix this but unfortunately none of them works correctly. I'm posting a method that you can do it by yourself and hardly takes 4-8 minutes. Here we go...

Procedure to fix "this copy of windows is not genuine" notification:

The whole process can be divided into two parts:
PART A - Uninstalling Windows Update: KB971033
PART B - Rearm Windows

                The so notification is because of Windows Update: KB971033. You need to uninstall it. It will not affect anything else in your system. Follow these simple steps to uninstall it-

PART - A: Uninstalling Windows Update: KB971033
  1. Go to Control panel >> Windows Update
  2. Hit Installed Updates (link at the bottom left corner of the screen). If that link isn’t there, hit “view update history” and hit the “installed updates” link at the top.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Microsoft Windows” and look for update KB971033.
  4. Right click it and hit “uninstall”. Hit okay.
    uninstall windows update KB971033
  5. Reboot
PART - B: Rearm Windows:
  1. Click start and simply type COMMAND PROMPT in the start menu’s search box. Right click COMMAND PROMPT and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
this copy of windows is not genuine part B step 1

     2.   In the command prompt window type:

slmgr.vbs -rearm
           and press enter. (Note that there is a space between slmgr.vbs and -rearm.)
 3.  Now reboot and you're good to go.

Be sure to turn off windows update or else you will face the same problem again. Alternatively, you can hide Windows Update: KB971033 in your windows update history.

This method is tested by me and a lot of other people(
see comments) and it is working fine.
If you got stuck anywhere refer to comments.
"Comments are good troubleshooters."                -By Akash Kumar Sahu :)
Your queries are appreciated. Feel free to post comments.

Be happy. Toodles......

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